Drilling Cost Reduction: Taster


Take a free topic from the Drilling Cost Reduction: Fundamentals course.

The course content has been developed by a renowned drilling industry professional with more than 35 years of varied global drilling engineering and operations management experience. It gives you practical tips and lessons that can be applied to your drilling projects immediately.

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    20 minutes

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Course Details

This free course gives you the introduction to the RGU Professional Drilling Cost Reduction Fundamentals course.

Drilling Cost Reduction: Fundamentals will make you aware of the five critical factors to help reduce drilling costs.

Developed by industry experts, this course will demonstrate to participants how well engineering, commercial practices, procurement, operations management and optimisation can help reduce your drilling costs.

Intended Audience
The full course will be valuable to either individuals or organisations who are active in global well engineering and operations management onshore or offshore.
Learning Resources
This free course provides a topic from the Drilling Cost Reduction Fundamentals course and a sample quiz.