Drilling Cost Reduction


Gain a practical understanding of how to reduce drilling costs.

Comprising modules covering well engineering, commercial, procurement, operations management and optimisation topics, this course is based on practical experience and will provide immediate benefit to those aiming to reduce their drilling costs.

  • Duration:

    12 Hours

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Course Details


Each of the course modules provides guidance on a wide range of engineering and operations management with lessons learned that can help an individual or organisation to reduce drilling costs. The principle topics include:

–          Logistics –          Incentive Schemes
–          Directional Drilling –          Gate Process and Technical Limit
–          Casing Design –          Procurement and Cost Tracking
–          Cement Design –          Equipment fitness for purpose
–          Rig Contracts –          Drilling Fluids optimisation
–          Service Contracts –          Offset Data Analysis
–          Rental equipment

This course is packed with practical ideas that can be applied immediately to reduce your drilling cost.

Learning Outcomes

Identify the key factors necessary to maximise the Return on Drilling investment including how to:

  • Identify, avoid and manage risks in contracts
  • Allocate sufficient resources for the Drilling project
  • Contribute to Drilling projects to meet the well objectives at a lower cost

Shorten the learning curve to improve Drilling performance

Intended Audience

Individuals and organisations who are active in well engineering and drilling operations management onshore or offshore and who are seeking ways to reduce the cost of drilling.

Learning Resources

Library of material and lessons learned

RGU Certificate of Completion