Introduction to Oilfield Chemistry: Fundamentals


This course is designed for Oilfield Technicians, Supervisors and Operators who regularly work with oil and gas process and production plants and need to understand the chemistry and treatment chemicals used in oil and gas production.

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    2 hours

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Course Details


A course designed to explain the chemistry of oil and gas production and to look at the challenges, treatment chemicals, risks and control measures. The topics include:

  • Application of chemistry of oil, gas and water in production and injection processes to explain the formation of scales, wax, asphaltenes, hydrogen sulphide and issues of corrosion
  • Explanation of the challenges and mitigations
  • Explanation of chemicals that can be used for preventing or treating common hazards and precautions for their use
  • Issues arising from the incorrect use of chemicals

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the activities that are part of a decommissioning project plan
  • Recognise how they interact and schedule them into a successful project timeline

Understand the main legislation that is specific to UK offshore decommissioning including the differences between derogation and non-derogation

Intended Audience

Oil and Gas Technicians working offshore or onshore in a production, testing or well maintenance role

Learning Materials

Library of course material

RGU Professional Certificate of Completion