Planning for Decommissioning: Taster


Take a free topic from the Planning for Decommissioning Fundamentals course.

Developed in collaboration with the UK Regulatory Authorities OGA, BEIS and HSE, this course will enable participants to understand the components of a successful Decommissioning Project Plan, which takes all stages and associated legislation into account.

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    15 minutes

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Course Details

This free course gives you the introduction to the RGU Professional Planning for Decommissioning Fundamentals course. The full course will give you an awareness of the work involved with decommissioning starting at the time where a field is nearing the end of its life and there is a Cessation of Production (COP) date in a few years time.

Planning for Decommissioning: Fundamentals takes you through the planning and main operations of decommissioning and gives you an overview of the principle legislation. If you need more detail or are working in a decommissioning project, the detailed version of the course will provide you with specific information and guidance on all the main activities within the work phases.

Intended Audience
The full course will be valuable to anyone managing, working or intending to work in the decommissioning sector of the Oil and Gas industry. It will be particularly relevant to individuals who need an overview of decommissioning activities and applicable UK legislation.
Learning Resources
This free course provides a topic from the Planning for Decommissioning Fundamentals course and a sample quiz.