Planning for Decommissioning


Gain an in-depth understanding of the activities required to plan the decommissioning of a North Sea offshore field.

Developed in collaboration with the OGA, BEIS and HSE, this course will give participants a thorough understanding of legislation and the likely interpretation that will be applied by the Regulatory Authorities.

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    8-12 hours

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Course Details


This course uses an example project plan covering the main phases of decommissioning work comprising:

–          Late Life Production –          Removals preparation
–          Removal concept select –          Removal execution
–          Rig and critical equipment upgrade –          Disposal and close-out
–          Wells plug and abandonment

The key activities for each phase are examined in detail and course participants can apply the project plan to their own examples either for platform or subsea facilities.

Legislation is described in detail and there is an explanation of the processes that the Regulatory Authorities will expect including their early involvement and consultation.

Participants can choose to study all the activities in sequence or to select specific activities in any order.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the activities that make up a typical late life production and decommissioning project
  • Create a project plan for any offshore decommissioning project

Explore the legislation that is specific to UK offshore decommissioning and how it is interpreted by the OGA, BEIS and the HSE

Intended Audience

Anyone who is working or intends to work in the decommissioning sector of the Oil and Gas industry and needs a comprehensive knowledge of the many activities that are part of late life operations and decommissioning.

Learning Resources

Example Project Plan

Legislation Plan

Library of activities

RGU Certificate of Completion